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With the right teaching techniques we will create a better learning environment as well as unlocking potentials in your child.

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We provide affordable Lessons and Courses for your child.

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We provide affordable Lessons and Courses for your child.

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I have improved my reading skills and my memory power. It provides benefits to me. I was also taught what to do before/during/after my examination.

Testimonial Nurzulaikha

I like attending classes with IntelligentKidz. Thank you for teaching me the right way to study. Hope to attend the workshops and courses again.

Testimonial Nur Syafiqah
Nur Syafiqah
Interest Grown More!

The lessons was fun and I learnt how to remember better for my studies. It was easy to remember all of the tips. I will attend of the courses in the near future again!.

Testimonial Low Kah Sim
Low Kah Sim
Super Brain Training

This course offered was very helpful for me for my studies. It teaches us the easy way to remember and the right way to do my revision. I feel happy to attend the course.

Testimonial Renee Loh
Renee Loh
Frienly Facilitator

I gained a lot o benefits like acquiring the skills to study and knowing how to face a problem when it occurs. It also empowers me to take action of my own education and achieving goal in life.

Testimonial Suet Mei
Suet Mei
Benefits I gained

Do we need enrichment Education?

Do we require enrichment education to help our children to accomplish more in their life? The common goal of enrichment course is to increase and enhance the life of their participants. More new activities meant more new opportunities for the brain neuron to have more connections. This will lead to a positive self-development for the participants.

GeniusBrain enrichment activities can be the motivator to develop participant’s goal in life. With new found capabilities, parents can expect positive changes in their children thinking patterns. If a student can be motivated to positively identify their goal in life and able to discipline their mind to achieve it through various ways, this will be the ‘positive foundation’ in their life.

While most schools provide children with chunk of information, we, at IntelligentKidz provide participants with affordable luxury of achieving advance learning skills to produce amazing positive results in their school life and beyond through our structured course!

Why us?

here is why...

IntelligentKid’s certified facilitators will be armed with accelerated teaching skills to enable them to build and sustain new skills in participants. Participants will be encouraged to practice their new skills in the classroom and at home.